Breaking news: we have permission!

We’ve had great news this afternoon: finally, after many months of wrangling with the planning process, we’ve been given permission to proceed!

We now need to establish whether we’re able to be included in the current funding cycle or whether we’ve missed it due to the delay.  We know we were okay if our permission had been given at the previous Planning Committee meeting, on the 25th of September, but the application deadline was the 5th of October (our application was in months before that because it’s been in from before the summer deadline, just waiting for planning permission!) and we haven’t been able to establish whether we needed our permission by that date in order to be allowed to proceed.  Fingers crossed we can go through on this cycle, in which case we should be able to start building in January.  Otherwise we’ll have to wait until the March cycle; with seven months of build time, that means we’ll miss the whole of next summer and be into the autumn before we can take bookings.

Still, this weekend will definitely be a time of celebration in our house!

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  1. Fantastic news and we wish you all the very best. Fantastic central area and a definite must for a different break.

    L & D

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