Garden photo

The Garden

Our glamping units will be situated in the walled garden adjacent to Kinneil House. The garden covers just under an acre and is surrounded by walls that are 8-12 feet tall. It must have been laid about the same time the house was built, but would originally have been open to the south (as was the case with many walled gardens of the era), and the southern wall is therefore a later addition.

The garden is broadly broken into three areas: a working vegetable plot, a lawn area and a landcaped pond. We plan to retain each of these areas but also re-instate some of the previous garden functions, including the chicken run (along the southern wall) and a fenced-in area for dogs, in which we plan to site our dog-friendly unit. Each unit will be themed to the area of the garden in which it is sited and each unit will be unique with its own special features for our guests to discover.

Each unit will have its own private space around the unit but there will also be a communal space centred on the existing old summer-house, which will be renovated to provide additional cooking facilities. Outside this will be a built-in barbecue and outdoor pizza oven, dining patio and the shared hot-tub.